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District 30 Executive

From the left: (Back Row) Fay Farmer, Morris Tait, David Staples, Wendy Westwood, David Randall, Charlotte Majic, Pat Murphy

(Front Row) Louise Nadeau (Resigned), Philip Palmer (President), Heather Griffin

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District 30 Executive

Position Name Phone Email
President Philip Palmer 905 987-0585 Philip
Past President Charlotte Majic 905 885-5887 Charlotte
First Vice President Heather Griffin 905 623-4535 Heather
Second Vice President Charotte Majic 905 885-5887 Charlotte
Secretary David Staples 905 987-4055 David
Treasurer David Randall 905 372 3193 David

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Executive Committee Chairs

If committee is underlined click on it for information

Position Name Phone Email
Archivist Committee

Patricia Murphy


Goodwill Committee Wendy Westwood 905 987-1123 Wendy
Health Services and Insurance John Christie 905 377 9220 John
Recruitment and Membership Heather Griffin 905 623 4535 Heather
Newsletter Editor Don Colby 416 488 2251 Don
Webmaster Greg Duval 905 432 9919 Greg
Political Advocacy Committee Charlotte Majic 905 885 5887 Charlotte
Pension/Retirement Concerns Committee Morris Tait 905-372-6700 Morris
Social and Travel Committee Fay Farmer 905 372 7632 Fay
To Hell With the Bell David Randall 905-372-3193 David
Communications Manger Don Colby 416 488 2251 Don
Project Service to Others Charlotte Majic 905-885-5887 Charlotte

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