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District 30 of the RTO/ERO represents the retired teachers living in the County of Northumberland. This website is designed to share information about events and happenings of interest to retired teachers in the local area and to provide contact information for the District 30 executive and their various committees. It will also provide links that may be of interest to District 30 members and to retired teachers visiting our area.


Application for consideration for a Provincial Service to Others Grant

There have recently been some changes in the way applications for this local service award are to be made. The first of which requires that a special form be completed and forwarded to a member of the District 30 Executive for consideration. This form is available by clicking here. The properly completed form MUST be received by District 30 before January 1, 2016.

E-Mail List

District 30 has recently established an e-mail list for members who would like to be updated about district events and/or urgent issues via email. If you would like to be included and are a member of District 30, please email the webmaster with your name, street address, and email address and you will be added to the list.

Dist. 30 Communications

To email the Webmaster, click on the folding envelope. Remove (remove-) from the address line and then send mail.

At the Fall 2008 Meeting

At our Fall, 2008 General Meeting we honoured all the Past Presidents of District 30. Those who were present are shown in the photograph above. Back row, from the left: Morris Tait, Marty Halloran, Dave Patterson, Tom Wilson, Fraser Carr, John Jackson, Claude Thompson, Cyril Peister, Bob Moorcroft. Front row: Ethyl Wright, Kay Durnford, Connie Poole, Fay Farmer, Mary Buchanan, Barbara Moorcroft.

Changes in Rural Addresses

Canada Post now requires those who live in rural areas to have a fire number (or 911) as part of one's address. This has resulted in changes to street addresses and postal codes of many RTO/ERO members.
Dianne Vezeau, Administrative Assistant, Database, would appreciate being informed of these changed addresses, as it would reduce the number of Renaissance magazines returned due to improper or incorrect address labels. We want to ensure that all members receive their magazines on time. (This also affects the delivery of your copy of the Applepress because we use RTO-ERO's database for our mailing lists. - Editor)
If your home area has changed to the 911 addressing system, please report the changes to Dianne at the Provincial Office, by calling her at 416-962-9463/1-800-361-9888, ext. 223, or email dvezeau@rto-ero.org

Some Important Home Security Information

RTO/ERO has published an important document about ensuring that your home is as secure as possible. You can read and/or download this file by clicking on it in our Forms page.


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